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Each tour is unique because You are unique

We offer You guiding and services of the highest class. It means for us very high standard of external quality as well as every aspect of the tour tailored to Your wishes and suggestions what we ask You to inform us about. Individual approach during preparations as well as during the tour is something what we specialize in. This is our passion and life not by the chance but because we feel this is our “vocation”. We are friendly to You and flexible. And we respect Your expectations, Your own attitudes and Your approach to life and the topic.

Expert knowledge and travelers’ experience

We are experts with long-years experience in Krakow, Poland, Central Europe and as well in international tourism. We know the best our own city and country but we most probably know as well a lot about Your own country not only from the theory but as well from our travels and by guiding. We are well educated, licensed and even PhD offering You knowledge in not too small portion but as well in not too large. Sometimes silence matters and own reflections. We always try to feel when.

Tours with the sense, atmosphere and understanding

Each tour has its own character. You are unique and the places visited are unique. Narration is unique and senses that we may catch and understand are unusual. Sometimes it is about beauty, sometimes about importance and value, most often about all of this and more. We try to draw the senses in the way You would understand what You see, hear and visit to have unusual and beautiful experience of travel as one of the most interesting phenomena in life.

Tours of different kind, length and to all places You wish

Tours that we offer and that we tailor to Your wishes are of different kind. They may concern different topics and aspects of life. Of course mostly they include highlights but we always offer as well something special what You may see and hear or even all tours may be tailored to very distant or forgotten sites around Krakow, in Poland and around all Central Europe. We offer half-day and 1-day guided tours as well as multi-day and even multi-weeks tours and travels along typical, unusual or mixed routes giving You always our engagement.

Christopher Skutela PhD & Team


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